Camera: Sony a6000

7b0e91b2a4ec786762a04e8c4b82e784This is currently my primary camera.  Mine is just over a year old and since I got it, there has been two releases of the a6300 and a6500 models since but it has been a great camera for me.

Price for the Sony a6000 on Amazon
Price for the Sony a6300 on Amazon
Price for the Sony a6500 on Amazon – Announced in early October and listings on Amazon are not yet available.

Camera Lenses

What’s in my Photo Bag

I tend to change bags based on where I am going and what I am doing but time and time again I keep coming back to bags from Peak Design.  I currently use their Everyday Messenger Bag but I have backed their latest Kickstarter project for the Everyday Backpack and am looking forward to a bag with a bit more volume.


Like many many photographers I heavily leverage the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of products and while at some point in the future I will write about my workflow the high level is outlined below.

Lightroom -> Capture One Pro -> Photoshop -> Lightroom