Azure PaaS Services: Narrowing Focus

When I started at Microsoft 18 months ago, I joined the National Partner Technology Strategist team focusing on the Azure Platform.  In my role as a National Partner Technology Strategist I was focused on three main areas with a national coverage responsibility: community, readiness, and practice development.  Because Azure is a platform and it is not possible to be an “expert” in all of Azure, Microsoft leadership recognized the need to focus the PTS on a narrow workload to better serve partners.

Microsoft made some organizational changed and consolidated all PTS resources into a single organization and then into Enablement Team Units.  These units are then further narrowed into workload specialization.  It is in this unit that I will be focusing my efforts with partners on Azure PaaS Services.  While Platform as a Service could cover almost everything on Azure, many are split under other workload areas.  My focus will be on: Logic Apps, Service Fabric, Cloud Services, Web Apps, API Apps, and Redis Cache.  There are also many underlying things that will also be important with these workloads including DevOps, Application Lifecycle Management, Containerization, Desired State Configuration, and more.

While I am sure that my passion for data and reporting will continue to endure, the focus of postings on this blog will likely reflect the time I am spending in these areas.  Is there anything in particular that you would like to see me cover about the topics above?  Let me know in the comments below.  If you like the content of this blog, follow me on Twitter where I share and discuss lots of similar content.

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